Capitolo 2 – I want to tell you a story

Reaction time is a factor in this, so please, pay attention. Now answer as quickly as you can.

– Blade Runner

Steam age

Steam age and the century of progress were the era of exploration and innovation: moderately unusual times for mortals who chased the change in a period when the refinement, good taste, politeness ruled the roost, making happy the elders who would preserve those manners until the last decades of the 21st century.
The industrial age was the first epicentre of what would happen a couple of centuries onwards, a relatively short time for a vampire that has seen the Dark Ages and Renaissance pass before his eyes.

It was just when many vampires, tired of the European Elders’ pressures, decided to move in the New Continent that they had to deal with, maybe for the first time, many (and new) types of supernatural creatures, as for example the Kuei Jin or the African bloodlines, not to mention the most various and disparate types of Lupines, copious and close in the woods. The undead Colonizers learned one thing: what the New Continent offered wasn’t a hospitable place, but an impregnable fortress, in which the enemies prepared their assaults forcefully. However, somehow, the undead Europeans managed to settle and reform the Sects in the United States of America, while mortals were fighting their different struggles until the War of Independence: they are new centuries, centuries of innovation, steam allowed the factories to prosper and to the most to travel with a greater mobility than the horse or caravan’s one.

The Anarchists and Sabbat understood on which side the innovation was moving to invest in steam: reason why, probably, the United States of America, World of Darkness’ wild lands, have always been their perfect natural Habitat, from Free States to Mexico City. The vampire faced the last semi – peaceful times of their No – lives, before the Great World Wars, engaging the usual power wars, by manipulating herds of Cows that became, suddenly, more useful to squeeze than to reap.
Right in the 19th century the Sabbat showed to the Camarilla one of the biggest acts of force it was capable of, arriving just steps from driving away the Tower from the American Lands by using the Lycanthropes and Sethites. Not cheap stuff, but things like ghosts, lupines, mortals able to make some of those thaumaturgical troubles better than the most visionary Assam Vizier or secular Tremere, were not sufficient to wake the elders from their dreams of literary and hegemonic perfection. Half of Europe had to rise up against their own monarchies in order to allow them to ask some questions and consider a takeover. Ancillae blamed the Sabbat (that showed itself qualified in a perfect timing regarding the insurrections), but they didn’t care if Cain’s Sword was trying to reverse the status Quo, at least until it didn’t compromise the single deals.

The 20th century: The era of Violence

The 20th century came so quickly that no one realized it in time to take measures. The Elders kept telling to have seen a lot of wars and that those would not be different: obviously they didn’t consider the technological evolutions developed by the cows in the military field and the devastation suffered by the mortals and Cainites.
The ones who observed tanks, genocides and carnages leisurely, betting on the results, had to wake up and run away, before falling apart like everyone else. The First World War, that the vampires remember as the First Great War, turned out to be an unrivalled event, even if more dangerous than those times that forced the damned society to unite and dress up like mortals during the same Camarilla’s birth.

The Sabbat didn’t leave the Camarilla in peace neither in such hard times, indeed it found them particularly “stimulating” to continue, and maybe finish, the secular war that the two Sects were waging. The Second World War was even more devastating: the vampires suffered particularly from the lack of food following the incessant genocides, the majority of them have not been remembered by history. Many didn’t want to talk about it, others fled to America facing the fear of a so long sea voyage, those who remained and had the courage to tell, narrate unbelievable stories, where the same Damned have faced bombardments and misery just like mortals. What did Vampires learn from the 20th century? It can be summed up in two words: “Atomic Bomb”.

When the United States of America bombarded Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Cainites realized how dangerous the mortal weapons could be for their race. The Second World War destroyed centuries of Supremacy, shelters, remains, books and much more. It was a real tragedy for the Damned that took a long time to rise again: their World of Darkness was destroyed in a few years. Not enough for a vampire’s time perception.

The most forward – looking people understood that it was only the beginning. After the Second World War, mortals heaved a sigh of relief, but who among the damned had enough contacts to know what was really happened, realised that the Earth was on a razor’s edge: Cold War announced an imminent Third Great War. Those were the times when everyone, Camarilla or not, realised that maybe Gehenna was not a stupid prophecy, but a very approaching reality, as a monster that lurks in the shadows waiting patiently the nightfall.

Technology spread very quickly: in a century of wars, mortals had supplanted millennia of progression, running increasingly fast. Weapons of destruction, the machines invented by the Visionary intellectuals of a century earlier, the communication systems as the telephone, e-mail, internet were something terrible for the Ancillae.

Only the Infants seemed to be comfortable during those dangerous ages. The world had no intention to stop and the Damned had settled their existences deeply in the tradition and rejection of development: as if the damned society was still morbidly attached to the Middle Ages and Renaissance unwilling to accept the evolution. Towards the end of 900s, the Sabbat’s attacks became stronger, the Camarilla had lost too many powers to be able to face the Cain’s Sword. The Gehenna’s ritual and weakness of the badly confronted centuries made the Elders even more agitated and unable to lead their protected to the New Millennium: the idea of the Jubilee became a real terror, as if the awakening of those Antediluvians disowned by Camarilla was imminent.

The Camarilla remained particularly attached to New York and eastern coast, trying to defend those dominions strongly, but it was not easy to resist and, in the first decade of the second millennium, the Ivory Tower fell down and the United States of America were not under its control anymore. And, as many Cainite academics had predicted: that was the beginning of the end.

21st Century: Jyhad breaks out

The 21st Century is the real first omen of Gehenna, or at least of the ruinous destiny that awaits most of the Cainites. Many Malkavian are hit by a wave of Madness, considered by the Elders Prophets the presage of Malkav’s awakening, the Sabbat is led overseas by Khannan Traite on a crusade in the North America. The Sabbat swarms across the eastern coast going back from Mexico to the U.S.A. Dozens of cities fall under this invasion.

The Baba Yaga’s death, the encounter of one of the Antediluvians by the Gangrel Xavier and the incessant action and presence of the Real Black Hand bring Camarilla to flake apart one more time: the Gangrels leave Camarilla that refuses to pay attention to the former Justicar Xavier’s warnings.
And on top of that, on June 2006, the red star appears in the sky wanting to establish the real Gehenna’s beginning. The Ravnos from all over the world lose their minds while, in 2009, Tremere is losing the war against Saulot, who, in turn, is defeated by Tzimisce. However, the Usurpers’ Antediluvian, had transferred his conscience into Etrius, who is able to lead to Goratrix and take control of him, all the Tremere Anti-tribes. In the meantime, the Assamite Clan faces the Haquim’s awakening by the mouth of Ur-Shulgi: a massacre. But the misadventures of Damned people are certainly not ended: the new millennium starts with a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York, claimed by the Islamic integralists, particularly fired up for the American presence on their territory – because of economic interests in raw materials.

The world is shocked and the USA wage a series of personal fights with despots, heads of state and known figures of the Middle East – as Saddam, Bin Laden, and other presidents – because these get excited even more. The big Economic Crisis makes things more complicated, indeed it affects most of Europe, in favour of emerging markets like South America and the Maghreb’s countries. Multinationals, the Vatican, the most emerging political figures and the big brands involved in social become landmarks for the new society. Thanks to them, events like the approach of the Third World War are faced with a great return to the faith and big excitement from populations. The Bayer AG, Multinational that has always been involved in social, development and research, finds in war an excellent springboard to become one of the world leaders, as happened during the Second World War, in which it had the terrible reputation of mass murderer, because of probable experiments on Jews.

The Bayer offers support and collaboration to the cities struck by the Terrorists and it uses the interest and hate, that the West has always harboured towards the eastern and southern countries, to unite the major world powers against the IS: an excellent way to earn back on raw materials, in the investors’ eyes, but mainly the right way to hold the hegemony in the entire eyes of the World. The age of technology starts and the Damned understand that maybe Camarilla has made a huge mistake; giving, somehow, the dark gift to Aida Bayer to control her, it has created, on the contrary, an irreplaceable enemy. What is worse is that the evils never come alone, the Bayer’s Age, the New Terror – far worse than that of the times of Camarilla’s foundation – is accompanied by a big and devastating war.
The Third World War was planned during the Cold War, when USA and Russia were ready to destroy each other and the tension could be cut with a knife. The authentic World War would not see crashing two powers, but despair and religious fanaticism, hurled each other in a deep war of faith, called “Jyhad”. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan.

These are some of the countries that are oppressed by the American forces and by the incessant hypocrisies invented to steal them raw materials, clouded everything as liberation from the integralism; the Middle East, in fact, during the first decades of the 21st century, starts to desire fervently the destruction of the western oppressors, consumerism’s sons and far away from the laws of God.

Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, the most important land owners and capitalists of the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, cousins and companions of the greatest world multinationals in the West, are only the predecessors of the new organizations that will wage war against the entire West, while North Korea is going to attack South Korea and China will try to invade Taiwan. The Great War will involve Middle East, Communist Asia and Africa against Europe, Japan, Russia and United States of America, therefore, 12 western countries against 10 eastern ones, in a war called Jyhad.

The War Chronicles

“When we were talking about the Third World War, everybody directed their gaze to the sky, someone held even an amused chuckle, as much as the idea seemed illogical to him. Mortals tend to forget too easily tragedies and genocides, because they are too absorbed by problems that afflict their small and useless lives, but we Damned have not forgotten the First and Second World War, neither we have put aside the anxiety felt during the Cold War to the calm decades of the late 900s”.
“We knew that Kennedy’s death was useless, as well as that of the several terrorists executed by the States to give a false contribution to the situation of Chaos that they had activated. Our worries were well founded: peace was treading a fine line and the situation would be degenerated very soon. Israel and Palestine were ready to massacre each other, as well as North and South Korea, while China was looking forward to invade Taiwan”.
“Here below there are the points that would lead to the outbreak of War, a terror even more dreadful than a Simple Gehenna:

  • The invasion of Baghdad and the war in Iraq. The arrest and death of Saddam Hussein, the second part of the war in Afghanistan and the death of Bin Ladin;
  • Israel goes to war against Palestine – as expected. A Palestinian State is established, so that all the Israelites could be completely separated from the Palestinians, through Barack Obama’s intercession. Shortly after, Israel will attack Palestine ferociously;
  • China and Taiwan engage some political conflicts. Asia is dragged into factional wars between socialists and not, China invades Taiwan, North and South Korea will be on the edge of a nuclear conflict, numbed and slowed down by the USA and Papal State’s loyalty, as well as by the Russian influence;
  • Erosion of the faith towards the System due to the famines, economic Great Recession and environmental disasters. Citizens lose faith in Institutions and Constitution. A first attempt involves new forced elections. An extremely important terrorist attack sees the West on its knees. The Bayer, the only company able to predict and face this kind of situation, constitutes with the Papal State the K-12, a union of western governments against the terrorism. Shortly after, citizens have more faith in the Bayer than in their governments, the USA lose their president, Obama, and later Hilary Clinton. The Bayer formulates, with the K-12 and Church, some provisional governments;
  • The USA and mayor Western economies. The Bayer represents the only power able to save the global economy. Plans of colonization and terraforming are started towards Mars, but not before having launched the Study Lab station; many people dream of colonizing the red planet and running away from the Earth. Obviously, all the Pentex funded tests fail. The Muslim states prohibit the global expatriation”. The Tzimisce fixed his hair behind the nape, from which appeared a new mouth that began to speak: “Many holy and ancient texts, as well as the Masonic Order’s lucubration, speak about the beginning of the end as the day in which Israel would be rebelled against the Arabic enemies: all the other pieces of that malevolent Puzzle would be reunited since that moment. I was there to see, with my secular eyes, the rapid succession of one disaster after another. When I was a mortal, the Earth was God – fearing place and they teach us to really fear the Revelation’s lines 17:12-17”.


“Everything starts on September 11, 2001. Maybe you’ve heard this date in one of those history audiobooks. That year is important for two reasons: Al Qaeda declared War to the West and the West, or rather the United States of America, declared war to the entire globe.

Tatyana Koryagina, a researcher of Economy and Development, glimpses what was a much bigger problem than some well-paid by the Lobbies integralist; in addition to the bombs and missiles, they used a more powerful and destructive weapon: the United States were planning the Economy’s death, a Policy of shadow and the absolute impossibility of Transparency on the loans in favour of political parties from Oilmen, Banks, ‘special’ persons.

Tatyana, as Kennedy, died very soon: right in a terrorist attack, paradoxically. I never believed in coincidence. When you always see the same sketch – and the monotonous plot repeated over the centuries – it’s not easy being deceived by some sinister stratagems. The III World War’s seed was sown in September 2001, when the Pentagon and World Trade Centre were attacked by Al Qaeda. Deputy Secretary of defence, Paul Wolfowitz, announced that the United States of America would have punished terrorists, in a speech that would have made even the most uncaring infant among the youngest shiver. The pentagon had already pointed at Saddam as a very big danger for the United States, by planning an Iraqi military campaign wanted by MC Cain, Shelby, Helms, Hyde, Ford Jr, Lieberman, Lot and Gilman; Saddam was accused of rejecting the inspection in Iraq from the States.

In January 2002, Bush sent his bootlicker Cheney in the Middle East to visit all the nations adjacent to Iraq, namely Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Kuwait. He considered Iraq, Iran and North Korea as ‘the axis of evil’, natural enemies of peace: these regimes – the president said – represented a serious and increasing danger with their weapons of mass destruction.

For this reason, the vice-president Cheney intimidated – not too covertly – the Middle East nations’ premiers, staring at them brazenly one by one, while Bush was making a deal with the Japanese prime minister on February 2002 to obtain military support against Iraq. Despite the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s criticisms (upper class members of the American forces) about the president’s military intentions against Iraq, Bush declared that he wanted to invade Iraq to impose a regime change, although the premature invasion could have provoked an attack with biological or chemical weapons.
Naturally, Saddam’s military capacities were totally negligible: Bush wanted to invade Iraq for political purposes. Shared aims, these, by the British Blair, who supported the United States in an air strike to the Iraqi installations: but, the real reason of all this interest was the fact that Iraq was the second world’s largest supplier of oil.

Although, even Nelson Mandela rase up by offending the Bush’s administration, accusing him to follow a dangerous and provocative policy in order to make the United States of America the greatest power in the world, Bush didn’t stop: he was allowed by the Congress to use all the devices considered suitable to enforce the resolutions of the United Nations’ Security Council and to restore peace and international safety.
Naturally, the Congress made its decisions in relation to a report supplied by Bush and Blair; I will not explain you how a dossier, that was devoid of any convincing proof and incoherent with what was declared by the international agency of atomic energy – which means that the presumed nuclear capacity of Iraq was unreal – may have been taken seriously.

Invasion of Baghdad

In 2003 Bush offered a choice to Saddam Hussein: he could leave the country with his sons or suffer an invasion; three days after, on March 20, the United States of America invaded Iraq. In the same days Bush imposed an intolerable ultimatum on Syria: to deliver all the weapons of mass destruction hidden by Saddam in Syria, to send back to Iraq all the officials of Saddam’s regime to whom was offered political asylum and, finally, to write off the command structures of Hizballah, Hamas, Jyhad Islami and other Palestinian terrorist groups. The American pressure on the Syrian – Iraqi border was majestic (M1A1 tankers, AH64A helicopters and A-10 fighter jets).

Back then, Camarilla controlled the Bechtel Corporation, the giant in the San Francisco buildings, that – what a coincidence – won a bid of 680 million of dollars to reconstruct streets, schools, hospitals and fundamental buildings destroyed by war in Iraq. I’m not saying that Bush was only interested in money. I rather suggest that he had a passionate inclination for dramatic arts. In May 2003 he made a speech that the Sabbat orators would envy.
“All governments and Regimes that support, protect or don’t hinder the Terrorists are considered equally guilty of the same Terrorists’ crimes. From Pakistan to Philippines, up to the Horn of Africa, we will punish all the Al Qaeda’s murders. Anyone who is an active part or accessory of terrorist attacks is an enemy of the American Justice”.

Doesn’t it feel like a Sabbat Cardinal’s speech? The words are sharper than a thousand gunshots. Anyway, Saddam was captured in December 2003, in less than a month a car bomb exploded outside the American military headquarters’ doors in Baghdad, killing 31 persons. Twenty days after, two kamikazes attacked two Kurdish celebrations killing 109 persons. A suicide attack followed immediately with a car bomb at the Army’s Recruitment Centre in Baghdad: 47 dead. At the same time, a Kamikaze blew himself up in front of a police station killing 53 persons. When Saddam was caught, terrorists killed 185 Iraqi Shiiti on a pilgrimage to Baghdad and Karbala.

The time came for terrorist attacks in Spain, where bombs exploded on four commuter trains directed to Madrid: 191 dead and 2000 wounded in a coordinated attack claimed by Al Qaeda. Eleven days after Israel murders the Quadriplegic, partially blind and old Hamas’ Founder, the Muslim Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Maybe you will not remember it, but it happened the same thing at the start of the First World War, when the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered.
These are premeditated Homicides with the main purpose of provoking people. Now: let’s talk about Fallujah, one of the most horrible places on earth. Mexico City, in comparison, seems the Garden of Eden and no, I’m not exaggerating.

This city is located about 30 miles from Baghdad, it is known as the city of mosques, it has always been scene of the most aggressive conflicts between Islamic fundamentalists and the so mad Americans. It wasn’t uncommon that terrorist groups attacked the Diplomats’ cars who came to negotiate to expose their decapitated heads while they were exalting their creed. Naturally, they considered the enemies’ bodies a very good surface to write their religious slogans. They have surely been a bit aggressive, but sometimes, it’s hard to stay calm if the United States of America are trying to flush you out by launching air strikes with phosphorus and by killing your companions and a lot of civilians. In addition, and this doesn’t want to justify terrorists’ rage, but the American and British people have been creators of abuses, tortures and rapes to the detriment of Muslim prisoners: you should know that the majority of kamikazes are actually orphans with no future, whose parents and the dearest ones have been violently snatched away by the opposing faction, sometimes Jews and other times Christians and Kurds. What remains to these poor miserable expect revenge? The sheik in charge promises them the few alive dears’ wellness – as for example the crippled little brother or the sister otherwise condemned to prostitute herself with the opposing soldier; what remains to these expect revenge or the ultimate sacrifice? They don’t blow themselves up for religious promises believed also by a child; they blow themselves up because it is the only way to destroy the world of darkness that has consumed their lives. It doesn’t matter if they are fundamentalists or not; if they are right or not: desperation is what makes them more humans than those who cry for the massacres that they created and, at the same time, more monsters than those Cainites who planned them.

However, after new kamikaze attacks (one of which author of the death of the Saleem Iraqi government council’s president) and an attempt made by the Americans to put a puppet in charge, the Iraqi supreme leader: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has rejected ad interim the new Iraqi government administration because it was considered slave of United States: Ayatollah has reaffirmed that the Americans first mortified Iraqi men, then they raped their women and finally they replaced their government to benefit of their lands repressing the morality. For Ayatollah, a state deprived of clergy in its policy is already dead.

The truth is in the middle: also, the most devoid of political culture would understand at a glance that Iraq has never owned true biological, nuclear or chemical abilities to represent a true danger. The CIA made a mistake, but the States have activated a truly terrifying mechanism of destruction.

Israel and Palestine

The fight between Israel and Palestine is one of the most enduring and explosive of all world conflicts and it sees the two factions competing for a piece of land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea for centuries. The bloodiest moment started when Arafat ordered some terrorist attacks against Israel in the early years of 80s, unleashing the Palestinians’ furious rage. The point is that no country of the Middle East has ever wanted to recognize the Palestinian state, even if inexpert eyes could see the Americans discourage its affirmation and the Arab League’s desire to promote it since Israel is actually a Jewish state. Nevertheless, the Palestinians’ anger was so well fuelled that it gave rise to atrocious terrorism, a very good reason to push the “Protectors of Peace” of the States to participate in 2002.
Firstly: Israel attacked and isolated the Palestinian cities, it chased the refugees to the city of Jenin, forcing the Palestinians to slaughter the enemies and impede, by all possible means, the peace plan supported by the American embassy and the Israeli prime minister Sharon.

I can tell you that Bush actually threatened and forced Sharon to accept this plan of pacification, on pain of the nation’s absolute economic blockade and punitive actions. Naturally the spirit of all Jews was on fire to the idea that a prime minister of Israel would have agreed to recognize the Palestinian state with meekness. Sharon’s answer was that Israel could not continue to keep under occupation three and a half million Palestinians forever; this would have destroyed the Israeli economy fuelling the Palestinian hatred. Do you remember when the Camarilla’s Elders hatched the Thin Blood? After they attacked and destroyed Mexico City, princes decided to come across as miraculously astonished by the probabilities of Thin Blood and happy to receive them in the Ivory Tower. But Ancillae and Infants, who have always been used to hate and destroy them, didn’t agree with the Sect’s change of course, therefore they continued to want them dead and, for this reason, the elders were accused of cowardice.

Analogously, the Palestinians protested against the decision of their prime minister Abu Mazen to cease the hostilities against Israel, as well as the same Israelis did. So, in Palestine the military group Hamas, that would have continued to fight. The bomb exploded when the helicopters of Israel attacked the car of Hamas’ leader, Abdel Aziz Rantissi, who survived and declared revenge. Many terrorist attacks were carried out in the days to come. Meanwhile, the Geneva Agreement was proclaimed, guided in London and not in Switzerland as everyone believed, where a group of Americans met the lieutenants of Bin Laden, to arrange the end of the fight between Al Qaeda and the United States of America. After a few months, the Hamas’ leader was killed in Gaza: the death was considered a martyrdom. In 2005, Hamas agreed to stop fighting and gave its consent for the Palestinian state’s formalization.
Now it’s the Israeli people who don’t want the Palestinians for the massacres committed by Hamas.

The Levant

North Korea called to arms all the citizens to improve the country’s defence, already in April 2003. Effectively, North Korea is so susceptible that skies and seas are considered sacred without the government’s authorization, which is why if a foreign plane or ship has the inconsiderate idea of passing through the Korean territory, these would be immediately – and legally – destroyed. North Korean leader Kim Jong-li worked to create a strong nuclear power, about two hundred warheads were ready to attack American cities, if their Mother Country had the bad idea to point the country. Obviously, the United States of America immediately prepared a war plan against North Korea, for a value of eleven billion dollars: the plan consisted in destroying the reactor of Yongbyon and isolating Pyongyang. And that’s not all: it would have blocked the illegal trade of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) from Australia, by suspending the sea traffics.

In the meantime, China was planning a decapitation strategy against Taiwan: this meant destroying control systems and centralized power, but this never happened; the USA were able to convince it to avoid using nuclear power against Taipei – the capital. Meanwhile, terrorism started to strike Russia, not before that North Korean president was victim of an explosion on the train that brought him back from China.

In Russia the first city to be hit was Moscow, in a kamikaze attack in the subway, it was made by the same Muslim group that organized the simultaneous explosions in two Russian planes, in two different parts of the country: clearly these events are tied to the elections wanted to the Caucasian Republic of Chechnya.
In 2004 the United States of America managed to kill Kim Jong-li, to force a regime change and to make all his images and monuments disappear from the country. A confidence erosion towards the Government can bring also the most idealists to abandon concepts of freedom and constitution and to surrender to the depression of Capitalism.

Incessant terrorist attacks, economic inconveniences, fear for diseases like SARS, natural disasters, corruption and scandals in the western governments will deeply undermine the western population’s confidence in the strong powers. Since 2009 the global economy has faced a much more frightening crisis than that of 1929. In the Middle East a far more fearsome than Al Qaeda’s one terrorist group was born, the ISIS.

A matter of money

Already in the 1970s Robinson had claimed that the economic theory of the twentieth century had faced only two of the three expected economic crises. The beginning of the new century revived the Big Fall’s Remains of the 1930s, starting from the crisis of American Subprime to the left combination of Financialisation and Precariousness, that reinforced each other at the entire Globe’s expense. In fact, these have unstructured the world of work starting a more dangerous and faster new capitalism, up to a new economic policy. The concept of Full commitment is redefined in order to make inexpressible the question of ‘what’ or ‘how’ – ever more also ‘how much’ – to produce. Financial instability degenerates to the point that the new processes have proved to be realistically unsustainable and therefore Deteriorating. Only radical ways could have helped to solve the problem quickly: Krugman proposed a banking system’s nationalization, or pre-privatisation, for the time necessary to the financial stabilization, while a state intervention in deficit was fundamental.

Starting from the new millennium, the economic policy is based on pragmatism, compromise and imperfectionism: elements that have acme and decline to the new capitalism, full of internal contradictions and unsustainability. The American capitalism, characterised by the stagnation and private indebtedness, had made banks ever weaker. The scrap between effective demand and productive potential pushed the private sector to support itself thanks to a mounting debt. So, the expansion of loans, wasn’t synonym of economic expansion, but it was only a way to make money with money, by betting on the future ability to recover the capital advanced. In the case of the Subprime, creditors have found clever the idea of providing loans and mortgaging houses, to reacquire them later in the event of insolvency: this has gradually transformed the economic countertrend to become exactly an extension of the debt economy. One of the worst flaws of Capitalism is the tendency to deteriorate the stability in precariousness. When the prosperity improves, operators become more valiant and speculative, up to ridiculous financial risks with the idea of earning extraordinary amounts.

This is the case in which an economic crisis breaks out and there are only two alternatives: debts deflation – that initiates a big collapse – or the Central Bank’s intervention as lender of last resort, flanked by a state intervention in deficit that supports the profits. When banks realized the stupid action taken (starting with the Subprime) began to be suspicious of the entire financial system and to distrust the risky titles that they have previously purchased: the result is that distrusting each other they have ceased to borrow money one another, activating a crisis of confidence.

Naturally this caused a Liquidity crisis since, in the event of lack of available funds, if bank had to pay creditors or to give money to vehicle Companies, it is facing a Liquidity crisis. In the interbank commerce, bank can borrow money from other banks, but the crisis of confidence blocks up the total asset.

The financial crisis has advanced so much that it can be spread to the real economy, affecting the salaries and purchasing power of families considerably, reducing America and Europe to an advanced state of Misery and high levels of Unemployment, so Immigration and culture clash. After 11 September 2001, Europe was hit several times by bloody terrorist attacks, all claimed by Jihadist groups. The war between United States of America and Middle East has important consequences that see Al Qaeda leaving the leading role – even though not intentionally – to the ISIS, a group so violent that scandalised also Al Qaeda.

Terrorist Attacks

March 11, 2004.
A dozen bombs are placed in the railway stations of Atocha, El Pozo and Santa Eugenia around Madrid. 191 people lose their lives.

July 7, 2005.
London’s public transports are under attack: four kamikazes blew themselves up during rush hour in three different stations and on a double decker bus. The death toll is 56 deceased and 700 wounded. Once again, the aggression is claimed by Al Qaeda.

November 2, 2011.
The offices of Charlie Hebdo’s newsroom in Paris are destroyed by a Molotov cocktail after the publication of a satirical comic strip about the Islamic Prophet Mohammed, no injuries.

March 11-19, 2012.
An armed man who claims to have bonds with Al Qaeda kills three Jewish students, a rabbi and three soldiers in Toulouse, in the South of France.

May 22, 2013.
In London, two extremists of Al Qaeda kill a 24 years old veteran of Afghanistan with a machete.

May 24, 2014.
At the Jewish Museum of Brussels, four people are killed by an armed man with Kalashnikov tied to the Islamic State’s terrorist group in Syria.

January 7, 2015.
Some armed men open fire in the offices of the France satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, “guilty” of publishing a comic strip that ridiculed Mohammed. Twelve people lose their lives and ten are injured.

January 9, 2015.
An accomplice of the attackers in Charlie Hebdo’s newsroom shoots in a kosher supermarket in Dammartin-en-Goële. Four people die and during the police blitz, few hours later, also the aggressor loses his life.

November 13, 2015.
Paris is hit by a series of unprecedented attacks. Terrorists blew themselves up in six different areas of the city, including the concert hall of Bataclan, which has the highest number of victims. The final death toll will be 129 deceased and 350 wounded. The following day, the ISIS will claim the attack.

What is Isis

You believe that the Damned are Monsters.
Let me tell you this: you can’t imagine how wrong you are.
A mortal born in the twentieth century, or even worse in the twenty first century, has an innate terrible nature that would shiver any Elder. It is not uncommon that a Mortal is keener to the cruelty and cynicism than an Undead. In 2006 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al Qaeda’s founder, was killed in a USA Raid. He was succeeded by Abu Ayyub al-Masri, who announced the creation of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), but he was murdered in 2010 during a USA-Iraq joint operation. Shortly after, the ISI’s chief became Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who in 2013 assimilates the group of militants of the al-Nusra Front, creating the ISIL, or ISIS (equivalent Acronyms of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant or Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham).
In February 2014, Al Qaeda cuts off the bonds with ISIS, even if a branch of Al-Nusra remains in the new movement; the reason is that the ISIL is too violent and bloody, Al Qaeda didn’t tolerate all that useless bloodshed: just think that the companion of Al Baghdadi, Khalid al Hamad, is nicknamed the Hearts Eater, for a video in which he devours an enemy soldier’s heart…But let me introduce them to you. In our fight we thought that letting them die at the hands of the stupid mortal feuds was a waste.

I’ll tell you how I founded the ISIS.

I’ll tell you how I founded the ISIS. Listen to me very closely and don’t interrupt me. I’ve killed for less.
Firstly: call me with my nom de guerre, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and not Ibrahim as the dirty Americans do. I was a Jihadist and I came to Camp Bucca when I was just a boy. I was captured, as the others, by American soldiers in Iraqi villages and cities to be moved to the desert fortress. There, we rebellious had a big opportunity: bumping into each other that way was difficult almost unthinkable in Baghdad. It would have been dangerous, on the contrary, in prison we were safe and a few hundred meters from Al Qaeda’s command. In prison I showed immediately what I was made of, getting to the point without worthless acts of violence: I showed to my companions an accommodating and quiet personality, I tidied up everything and I held off the other prisoners with a look. Soldiers quite often spoke to me to solve the inmates’ frictions. Once two men were having a heated argument, they started from philosophical speculation getting to Iraqi political issues. Given that the two had very fiery natures and contrasting ideas, during the meal time, all of us had to be witnesses of a heated argument that brought them to utter violence. It was at this time that, declaiming a Koran verse, I grabbed the head of the one who had begun and I squeezed it in my palms, remembering my opinion on people like him with a sermon: I found offensive and stupid that some Iraqi prisoners, all there because Jihadists, fought each other entertaining American soldiers.
If this had happened also only one more time, I would be proud to slit their throat in the name of God.

I was captured in Fallujah in 2004. A few months after joining the Militant group Jeish Ahl-AL Sunnah al Jamaah near Samarra. The Americans believed they were dealing with a cynic and indifferent kid. You have to know in Bucca we were classified by the colour of our prison suits, that allowed the guards to place the inmates in a specific point of a hierarchy. If I remember correctly, red was the colour of those who made some mistakes in prison, white was for the leaders, green for those who had to serve a long prison sentence and yellow and orange for common prisoners.

I earned the US Army’s respect and I collaborated with them to keep in line the inmates. I became the prison’s leader with considerable advantages. If there hadn’t been American prisons in Iraq, my plan of constituting the ISIS would have remained an impossible idea. Those Prisons have been our factory, where we have built and reinforced our ideology, where we formed ourselves.

The revolt led by the Sunnites against the United States of America was spreading quickly, because the invasion of Iraq, passed off as Liberation war, had turned into vexatious occupation. The Iraqi Shiites took considerable advantages from this situation and we Sunnites couldn’t let it happen. Although many other aspirant Leaders showed themselves – maybe for unscrupulous temperament and experience – more capable than me, I had only one way to distinguish and declare myself Caliph of the Islamic World. Firstly, I am a direct descendant of Mohammed. Secondly: I earned a doctorate in Islamic studies at the Islamic University of Baghdad.

Prisons had become our formative elements, from which we could plan and organize operations, elect leaders and set goals. In Bucca I had the possibility to know and operate with all those who were close to the leader of Al Qaeda Zarqawi, who was the chief of Jyhad for us. America was supposed to bring us to the Iraqi Government and, once we were out, we intended to meet us again. We wrote our personal data on the boxers’ elastic. We kept in touch in a short time: once we were out, we came back to do what we did before, better this time. We attacked prisons that we considered the most important to allow the invasion of more than 500 inmates, including many Jihadist superiors for us essential.

We first decided to punish the Iraqi Shiites, who took advantage from the invading army’s help. We massacred them not because they were Shiites, but because they supported the United States of America’s attack, since they wanted to depose Saddam and take power. We planned a new September 11 in two attacks accomplished in 2006 and 2007: by order of Zarqawi we destroyed the shrine of Imam Al Askari in Samarra. Damaging a symbol of the Shiite’s power would have degenerated the conflict.
Zarqawi was smart, but it wasn’t enough.
His successor was ruthless, but it wasn’t enough.
Both of them were killed in USA Raids and I had the responsibility, as a Leader, to show myself better than them. I became bloodthirsty, withdrawing from humanity. I realized that I was losing interest in God’s path, but I did it for very deep reasons. We chased millions of citizens from their houses making a clean sweep. Thanks to the contribution of the Syrian President Bashar al Assad many Jihadists joined us from abroad landing at Damascus airport, escorted by soldiers to the border with Iraq. In this way we obtained young and furious European soldiers, for example.

Many Jihadists don’t believe in Jyhad, but in a stronger power. Hate and violence have always been fear and desire of every man. Our Caliphate extended from Aleppo, in Syria, to the Diyala region, in Iraq. The territory – 35,000 square kilometres – doubled in less than eight years thanks to fast conquests and victories achieved in few months, but planned with obsessive attention in years of detention.
At the beginning we were few people and then became 1000 in 2013. In less than three years, the ISIS had 30,000 fighters and many of them left from Europe. Our capital was Raqqa, where we trained most of our Jihadists.

The economic power is everything. We have attracted fighters with money. Any other insurgent group, from Taliban to Hamas, was too poor. Our fortune exceeded two billion dollars, with a profit of three million dollars a day thanks to oil. The Mosul city’s conquest allowed us to reach these earnings.
We have earned 430 million of dollars, stealing from banks encountered on the way of conquests, 96 million of dollars thanks to money laundering in the area of Mosul, 36 million from the archaeological treasures’ business and approximately 343 million from other smaller activities. Naturally, also Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and some Gulf States gave us money.

I realized that we had to invest that money properly and, for this reason, I surrounded myself with very skilled people in communication, just like Jihadi John, the London computer scientist. European Guys with an elevate cultural level helped me to establish a Social Media Strategy in order to start a propaganda in English. On the one hand we used Social, including Twitter, from which 40,000 tweet amplified the messages from the most influential members every day, on the other blog and video sharing. Our militants distributed to children, not only hate and fear, but also ice creams and candies on the street and in hospitals. Europe and United States of America had to ally in order to oppose our hegemony. They have never won, even if the focus of ISIS has moved on somewhere else. It’s not just a religious matter, rather a moral one. We have exterminated parasites we have consumed evil. These are the many faces of justice.

I was 45 when I met the Childe in Baghdad. After what they told me and the disclosures on the Real Jyhad I decided that I would be part of it, that the ISIS would no longer fight against the American enemy and Shiites but a much worse danger. As I’ve already told you ours is a sacrifice, I went away from God to serve him as best I can. But I’ll tell you about this, now I have to go.
It’s the hour of Prayer.

World War III – the Sixth Crusade

The United States of America officially goes to war against the Muslim states on October 20, 2026, after a violent attack on Seattle U.C. on October 5, 2026. 

Only few days after Washington was razed to the ground by an explosive device, “The straw – the president says – that broke the camel’s back”. The Middle East threatens large scale attacks by using the Nuclear, Russia proposes the offensive without hesitation. It’s the U.N. that has to conclude the question, which was abundantly discussed with his Holiness Onofrio V: Bayer A.G. starts by saying that it is just only a matter of Time.
A first measure would be the one already used during the Second World War after the attack on Pearl Harbour: all the Muslim civilians will be isolated as long as the terrorist threat is not eradicated. In the suburban area of New York an Internment Camp for Muslim civilians is under construction: a precaution against presumed Informers. The facilities will be built in order to offer to civilians the utmost comfort: buildings to be implanted in the B3 and F1 of New York, or rather, briefly, on the surface and in the first subterranean level.
Civilians without the American citizenship will be placed on the surface, those who have criminal records, the immigrants or immigrants’ relatives, who come from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Yemen. The buildings, called DCPAOT: internment structures for the prevention of organized terrorism.
Everyone else will be isolated in the B3.

Geneva Convention

Eighty years before the fourth Geneva Convention entered into force, fundamental principle of contemporary international humanitarian law which also disciplines the occupying forces’ behaviour towards the places and populations occupied.
The Bayer assures all deported civilians a treatment according to the rules, as long as the K12 has not finished the Geneva Convention’s reworked version, whose revision was requested by his Holiness.

2024-26 – the beginning of the War

February 26, 2024
Iran and Syria, Kamikazes’ massacre, the patrols are increased.
February 29, 2024
The President of the United States of America announces the American front’s reinforcement, he was also supporter of war.
September 12, 2024
The day the western world shivered.
The President (who was in Ground Zero for the demonstration “lest we forget 9/11” the day before) at the end of his mandate is running again for the elections against the conservator Jack Johnson, governor of Idaho’s state. So, he arrives in Seattle in the morning, even escorted. The reason for his presence is a convention with all his electors at Kerry Park of Seattle at 4:00 p.m.
11:00 a.m. local time.
The Apocalypse breaks out in Seattle.
The Space Needle, the city’s symbolic tower, suffers the same fate of the Twin Towers 23 years and 1 day before. A moderate explosion, that covers the diameter of 300 meters from the primer point, springs from under the structure, just one meter from the ground, causing the obelisk’s filtering and the immediately death of almost 250 people inside the restaurant on the top, another hundred people near the blast radius, provoking more than 300 seriously injured.
Later, while the firefighters are removing the bodies from the rubbles, the bomb squad, after examining the scene, declare that the explosive used was a remote controlled C4 SEMTEX, probably connected to a timer or smartphone. It was placed in a perfectly strategic point, exactly at the level of the Space Needle’s barycentre. Simultaneously, the memorable Museum of Flight of Seattle is hit. This time it’s about a massive amount of SEMTEX. The museum and Boeing’s airfield – where this is located – are completely destroyed. In addition to the damage suffered by historical discoveries, the dead are more than 300 also in this case. However, the biggest problem regards the tanks of kerosene located outside of the airfield: exploding, they set fire to the gas lines in a chain reaction that is able to devastate the gas distribution network in the suburbs, razing more than 2 kilometres of metropolitan tunnels to the ground, before the safety valves intervene excluding the distribution in the city centre. It might be a tragedy, but in this case, experts exclude the fire’s premeditation which, passing through the gas distribution, destroyed part of Seattle periphery or part of the metropolitan section.
In this case, the death toll is immeasurable, but we think was almost a thousand, according to the missing’s estimate.


At the same time as Seattle disaster (time zone is correct):

Paris, local hour 20:00 pm – an underground explosion, under the July Column in Place de La Bastille, razes one of the most popular squares of the capital and the Opèra Bastille to the ground. 600 dead, countless seriously injured.
Type of explosive used and modus operandi are still a mystery.

Berlin, local hour 20:00 pm – inside the industrial area a Bulk-Truck, containing 22 tons of black carbon, breaks down the entry gate of the Bayer AG’s pharmacological laboratories. After stopping, the convoy explodes, releasing a dense cloud of black carbon in the air and razes half of the factory to the ground. Authorities evacuate the former West Berlin correspondent and the entire industrial area, suspecting a chemical disaster. Aside from a potential massive release of ammonia, damages stopped to the smaller structures. Part of the night shift’s workers are dead.

London, local hour 19:00 pm – a bus of Scottish tourists suddenly explodes in front of the King’s Cross Station. Over 200 dead and more than 50 seriously injured.

Xi’an, a few minutes later – a series of chain explosions hit the entire area around the Great Mosque, which is the only one to keep standing. Hunt for the Hui Chinese: or rather Muslim Chinese.

September 13, 2024
The previous day’s campaign rally was cancelled, when the presidential security discovers that the president has disappeared from the lodgings that occupied in the Government Palace of Seattle.

September 15, 2024
Giving time to recover from the attacks, the IS’s terrorist cell claims all the aggressions happened simultaneously on 12/09. American troops have not yet retired from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan and terrorists declare Jyhad against the western world.
In the following months the real Third World War, or – as some people have called it – the Sixth Crusade begins.
All the western world is raging against Muslims and USA, England, Italy, France, Germany and some states of the former Soviet Union attack and defend themselves. Meanwhile Arabs, wanting to defend themselves from the western attacks, start to embrace the ISIS’s philosophy.
It’s a Holy War.
Muslim countries involved are Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and even Muslim Turkey (not officially): it’s a massacre.

Let’s go back to Seattle
The rebuild is long and complex and, although it is not officially, Jack Johnson started to be the real president for local people. Thanks to a huge parcel of shares in order to insert him in both of the governing board, allowing Lockheed Martin and Boeing to participate by financing the reconstruction. In the meantime, the small town is moved. After several months, the United States are even more exhausted. Racism towards Arabians and Muslims is everywhere.

January 2026
Naples: the massacre in “La Maddalena”, a square behind the statue of Garibaldi where Camorra and Maghrebi work in the black market. Bingo – a palace with supermarket and Italian Post Office on the ground floor and betting room on the second – is demolished by an underground explosion: 45 dead and 76 injuries, about 78% of them are Muslims.

January 6, 2026 – Epiphany
Shooting in Piazza Mercato, a group of Tunisians, recognised as usual users of the Carmelite sisters’ canteen, tries to steel some golden remains. It’s immediately a manhunt: 19-year-old armed boys follow them with their scooters: 6 dead. A survivor, probably because he was hiding in the university area.

February 2026
Seattle is in the eye of the storm.
Lockheed Martin and Boeing turn out to be affiliates to Pentex Corporation. Jack Johnson, who is the leader of a conservator pro-Nazi movement called “The Crimson Chivalry” (which is influenced by the Teutonic Knights’ Order), with a coup d’état takes Seattle’s power, praised by the most ones. Seattle is declared independent city-state. The United States’ reprisals are worthless. The majority of the army is located in Middle East and Johnson has at his service an extended personal army of mercenaries, recently discovered in the employ of Pentex, Multinational Corporation with nearly unknown purposes. The Great Lodge of the Golden Book’s headquarter (one of the Mormon faith’s cornerstone in the world) joins Johnson in a sort of Puritanism phenomenon, creating an “Amish” oasis in suburbs of Seattle and instilling a fervent spirit of religious fanaticism in the population.

February 24, 2026
Rome: crowd of devoted in St. Peter. The Pope is involved in an attack, just like his predecessor. The entire world population is devastated, while the conclave is already
Thinking about the new Holy Father.

March 10, 2026
Habemus Papam. Joseph Martínez Camino is declared Holy Father, voted by 4/5 of the conclave’s cardinals, under the name of Onofrio V, called Peter II by the devoted.
Although the name “Peter Romano” contradicts the Papal practice of not taking the first Pope’s name (Peter the Apostle), the people labels Onofrio V as Peter II because consistent with some historical coincidences – famous in the collective imagination – that see the last king of a dynasty carrying the first one’s name (for example: Romulus Augustus, as the first king and emperor: Umberto II, as the Savoy Dynasty’s founder: Charles of Habsburg, as the Holy Roman Empire’s founder: Constantine XI, as the founder of Constantinople).
Peter II is the symbol of the struggle against the Islamists.

June 22, 2026
Heads of state, tied to the K12, called the 12 Knights, are summoned in Geneva:
USA, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, England, Russia, Japan, China, Canada, Holland, Vatican. The USA President is disappeared and the American mouthpiece is Johnson, to whom the German head of state shows extreme admiration. The two meet again in Seattle, where the Bayer’s reconstruction is decided.

September 7 2026
Werner Baumann, Bayer’s director, has a car accident. At the point of the sinister event, there is a chasm which would lead to a shanty town identified as the foreign revolution’s fulcrum. He was succeeded by Aida Wenning, daughter of the former president Werner Wenning, called Aida Bayer by everyone.

Beyond the Veil, the manipulations of Damned
Pentex is a cross-sector corporation, which includes the oil company Endron International, the pharmaceutical company and laboratory of biotechnologies Magadon Incorporated, the distilleries King Breweries and leader companies in the field of toys, software development and videogames: Avalon Enterprises, Tellus Incorporated and Black Dog Game Factory. Lately, with Lockheed Martin and Boeing, it is getting close to the arming field.
Pentex and Bayer are affiliated in a Twinning action. Heads of Administration are Vittorio Giovanni for Pentex and Aida Bayer. Johnson is using Magadon Inc. to complete a project of biotechnologies: a genomic army, to create the perfect Aryan soldier, with something more. Aida Bayer and Vittorio Giovanni of Pentex move the project forward.
Who are those test subjects from which Magadon tries to extrapolate that “something more”? Vampires. How Johnson knows about vampires – breach in the masquerade – is still a mystery.
Practically, they are trying to do what Tremere did centuries before. Taking the best of the vampirism without the side effects: creating the perfect soldier.
The Giovanni indulge themselves with dark magic on the test subjects. The necromancy, actually, can be useful. Few Assamites bring the test subjects to Magadon. They are rewarded with the diablerie at the end of the experiments, being also covered by the Giovanni.
The Sabbat hopes to use Pentex to improve its power and the Giovanni, although they don’t care about Sabbat and Camarilla, seem to let it happen.
Besides, inside the Endron International’s administration, there is a Wyrm’s sect, that tries to corrupt nature with its own harmful to the ecosystem products.
Breach in the Masquerade: it’s chaos.
Some Gangrel break the Masquerade facing technologically reinforced soldiers: for some irony of fate one of them is captured.
When media speak about Vampires everybody thinks that is a fake news, but the Gangrel go back to the industrial area for a probable revenge: under everybody’s eyes.
It’s a tragedy.
The group is composed by four vampires that kill almost 45 innocents. The triumvirate’s army manages to defeat them. Vittorio Giovanni and Aida have opposing ideas: she hates vampires.
Nobody knows what happened to them.

Seattle as the heart of Jyhad’s struggle
Seattle becomes the heart of the Jihadists’ fight and the symbol of people’s power, tired of the American Government. It is run by the Triumvirate: Johnson-Bayer-Giovanni. Johnson and Bayer have deep Aryan ideas, while Vittorio Giovanni thinks about his self-interest.

From hunting Muslims to hunting strangers: Chinese, Arabs, Hispanics… All in the sights. The opposition movement is led by the Hui Chinese (Muslim Chinese). Vampires, after the infringement of the Gangrel’s Masquerade, are hiding more than ever: humans hunt them. The Camarilla has been reformed some brothers are instructed to reach Venice which has not given news for a very long time.

Many mortals start their personal struggle against the monster/mutant by buying Hi-Tech parts at the black market. Other components are sold by the Bayer.
The city is divided in Christians and Muslims, but, on the contrary, the struggle hides the personal hunting of Aida Bayer for vampires.

July 25, 2028 – The Emerald Tragedy
Seattle screens send a message from Aida Bayer: Seattle U.C. will be attacked by 3 missiles, having been infected by a plague by bioterrorists. Her words are simple: “God bless you, as I told you ‘IST DAS NICHT EIN SPIEL!’ Goodbye Seattle”.
Civilians were gathered round the Seattle surface and escorted to New York upon identification by the Bayer AG. Media announce that the bombardment was decided by the K12, after a cabinet meeting held in Geneva. Seattle was a Muslim terrorists’ hideout who had circulated a Toxic Virus to attack the city ahead of the Holy Father’s visit.
So, the K12 decided to suppress the city, evacuating it in a fast rescue operation.

NY – New USA Capital

Aida Bayer’s Speech in memory of the Emerald Tragedy

The words of Aida Bayer at the national day in memory of the innocent victims of Seattle. It’s a rainy day, but there’s no water coming to underground B1 of New York. The sewer system has been ravaged and reshaped to create habitable areas for civilians: the vertically extended Big Apple now returns to the universe’s bowels. Bayer has now specialized in the urban sub – license, thanks to the even more substantial contributions of the Catholic church, by obtaining assistance in all the countries at war. The successes of the last two years bring the western world population to have faith in the words of Onofrio V: “The War will end”: Aida Bayer’s mechanical voice echoes, amplified by the loudspeakers placed all around.

“Three years have passed since the Big Bang of Seattle, one of the biggest successes of the K12 (America, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, England, Russia, Japan, China, Canada, Holland, Vatican). Civilians were gathered round the Seattle surface and escorted to New York upon identification by the Bayer AG. The bombardment was decided by the K12, after a cabinet meeting held in Geneva. Seattle was a Muslim terrorists’ hideout who had circulated a Toxic Virus to attack the city ahead of the visit of the Holy Father Peter II.

The K12 had no choice: it decided to suppress the city, evacuating it in a fast rescue operation.
If we hadn’t done this everyone would have died anyway, but the executioners would have gotten away with it.

Gentlemen this is not a Game: Middle East threatens nuclear attacks in any European and not capital: cities like Paris, Berlin and London in Europe have already been hit, but the list is still long. Mongolia is negotiating the entrance into K12 – just like South Africa – and if this will happen, the world population promises, in the name of God, to eliminate public deficits. The number of victims between 2001 and 2026 amounts to a total of 15,7 million of people. Al Qaeda seems an irreplaceable enemy, but the K12 doesn’t desist: the war is fervently fought in the Mongolian and Chinese lands. The Muslim counterpart has a number of 5 million of dead, 12,9% of them are Kamikazes. The numbers are clear: if there are more victims on our front is JUST because we are less cruel. Things were supposed to change when Obama initiated missions in Iraq, but this was not the case. The new president seems to be more determined to face the crazy Muslim terrorism ad we, as human beings, more than citizens, have to support every Offensive action towards some filthy animals that tend only to destruction.
We have to annihilate the fanaticism! We owe it to the ‘Emerald Tragedy’s victims, gentlemen, because this is not a Game”.
– Aida Bayer


The world is shocked.
A few years back the end of the Big Economic Recession financial systems collapse for the War.
The Church and Multinational Corporations, first of all Bayer, operate to rebuild – with Provisional Governments and humanitarian actions – the cities hit by the organized Terrorism’s rage.
The western nations’ citizens suffer from a state of very strong economic insecurity, they feel hate and fear for Muslims and they close themselves in a xenophobic behavior. The increasingly strong unemployment brings them to hate the immigrates coming from the Middle East, on the run from the expanding war.
Vampires are greatly affected by this state of anxiety and increasing tension: they run away from Aida Bayer’s rage, who has established direct relationships with the Hunters of Leopoldo’s Order and Vatican.
The war will last only eight years, but they will be years of tremendous tension.
And this is only the Beginning.